I pray for our planet to be peopled, by purple people.
December 9, 2012
The Demons
December 12, 2012

Wrong People

Ministers why are you still leading your nation?
The poor in the land are no higher in their station.
The children are not, getting a better education .
The country is not, so secure anymore ;
And there is by you, disregard for the law.
Newspapers depict you, as a rather sorry bunch.
Your actions and words often based on a hunch.
You seem to be in power just to serve yourselves,
Should you go, we will hear joyous ringing of bells.
You signed up to the U N Millennium Tasks,
Pledging to fight, for human rights and world poverty.
But nothing you have done, has released those from penury.
You are hollow, just thinking of your fee , it seems to me.
You are blind to those in abject misery.
Deaf to cries of those bereft,
Dumb when your vote is necessary :
Blaming others for your lack of competency.
You are disloyal and destructive to the giants of diplomacy,
Disregarding the harm and chaos you are prolonging.
Death and hatred and suffering ongoing;
Yet you sail on with no remorse showing.
You, and your kind are everywhere;
Abhorred, in all four continents of the world,
You are arrogant, for others have no care;
I hope at your end, you will get your fair-share.