The Boy Who Wouldnt Stop Thinking About Clean Hands (Coronavirus)
July 23, 2020
Bojo and Trump
July 23, 2020

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Thinking (Coronavirus)

Strange, thought The Boy, that one mutated single cell from China
Changed an unprepared world so radically.
Gone are the cars and people, from city streets,
Everything altered in a few short weeks.

Schools and all public places closed.
As the people sit with their families at home.
The frail and elderly forced to live quietly alone;
Shielded from the virus, spreading worse than wildfire.
The threat of hospitalization and death is dire.

When will normality return to us
Will we be changed forever, because of this?
So many questions The Boy wanted to ask,
Sadly, nobody is yet, up to the task.

We hear China is opening, slowly but surely.
It seems the light of hope at the end of the tunnel is glimmering.
Preparation planning, for future outbreaks, National leaders must be approving. Thought The Boy