The Boy Who Wouldnt Stop Trying To Launch Himself (Coronavirus)
July 23, 2020
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Making Masks
July 23, 2020

From The Boy Who Wouldn’t

The Boy and Granny were watching tv,
When an appeal, for help, to fight the virus,
Nurses were needed ASAP.
Granny said she had to go,
She’d only retired sixty years ago!

The Boy begged her, not to be silly;
Her hearing was poor,
And she’d have to leave her sticks, at the door.
”Nonsense,” she said ”I must rejoin the NHS,
You heard what they said,
They need me, I’ve just said yes!”

”My hearing aid, I’ll put on full blast.
Your trainers I’ll use, to help me run fast.
I must, as an ex-nurse, when asked, do my duty,
There is no argument, I cannot be choosy.
I’ll do a twelve-hour shift
I will be back in time for tea.
Please don’t try to stop me.”

The Boy was worried, about her susceptibility.
Very possibly catching the virus Covid-19,
Adding to a rise in the number of fatalities.
Also, her nursing practice, was out of date,
To be reminded of this, she’d hate

He quietly left the room, returning with a ball of cord.
He quickly tied his granny up, this on his own accord.
She must not be let loose, on the hospital ward.
His parents were shocked to see Granny, tied to her chair,
But when they heard Granny’s intention, they too were scared,

They all were afraid, she’d catch Corona,
So they had, to think of ways to stop her.
But Granny never thought of herself as old
Rarely did, as she was told,
Granny just didn’t fit, the elderly mould.

The Boy became very bold,
And of their fears for her, she was told.
Government rules said, she must remain home,
Receiving no visitors, preferably alone.

Granny admitted, the appeal, had touched her heart,
They were right, from the rules she could not depart.