Donald Trump and Boris Johnson
The Terrible Twins
June 28, 2020
The Boy Who Put Up With His Brother (Coronavirus)
July 23, 2020

Motley Crew

With ineptitude, they delay decisions, using honeyed words.
Historic problems in the undergrowth, turning into devil turds.
Restitution for Windrush and Grenfell, little has accured.

Delayed decisions, on Covid 19
Thousands died unnecessarily,
Absent the prime minister, at Cobra meetings necessary.

They try to fool the public,
About breaking their own rules,
Treating the public, as though they are fools.

Student nurses at the sharp end, fall into dreadful debt.
Children unaccompanied, no clear decision yet.
And suspicious early deaths in prison, nobody cares to vet.

The contradictory, complex problems, Brexit,
Ministers still, getting nowhere fast,
I don’t see how this motley crew, in Westminster can last.