The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Creating
July 20, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Playing With His Grannie’s Crutches.
July 20, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Collecting Insects.

Large or small, fat or thin, they were all important to him.
His collection from his garden, was increasing with every day that passed.
But it was near holiday time, the leaving day, was looming fast.

He left them, in his room, with food and water available.
The care of his collection was indeed, extremely laudable;
Returning weeks later, for their fate, he was responsible.

His collection had increased, immeasurably in size
As for weeks his insects had bred, particularly the flies.

The family home was indeed, insect-infested.
His mother screamed, as she released the latch
As a cloud of wings, to her face attached.

Some bugs had changed, into butterflies and moths.
Insects, had made holes in the wardrobes of clothes
Even the doors had been attacked, and the floors.

The exterminator, in a hurry, his mother thought to call.
But The Boy was upset, he wanted to save his pets.
So he rang the zoo, who said to save them, they knew what to do.

They sprayed a sedative, throughout the house.
The insects fell asleep, as did his mouse.
The bugs were swept up, and brushed into bins;
Then let loose in the park, all awoke; before dark.