Spring. Kensington Gardens
April 10, 2019
A Gnomes Story
April 10, 2019

Elikkos The Elf

Elikkos the elf, came to visit one day,
He came from a sunny island far away.
But as he loved his cousins, decided to stay.
He said funny things, making everyone smile,
Even the bad goblins with Elikkos they never tired.

So the goblins thought Elikkos should stay with them,
As they wanted to laugh again and again.
But how to persuade the elf to live with them?

“We could show you the din we make with saucepan lids,
And show you how we jump on the pixies’s beds.
And how we break the good witches broomstick.
And other things we do, to others instead.”
Gordon said.

Elikkos, who wanted to give all, joy,
Did not like these horrible ploys,
“I can never live with you, the answer is no
As you bring unhappiness wherever you go.”
(Replied Elikkos firmly)