Warmth of Christmas Magda’s Song
April 10, 2019
Spring. Kensington Gardens
April 10, 2019

Christmas Bells. Faith’s Song.

Feel the warmth of the season
See the glow on children’s faces.

The young singers alight with devotion
Thinking of the words with emotion.

Hear the joyous, peeling of the bells, ringing in Christmas cheer
Remember loving, the bells demand, coded in happy chimes.

Children are carol singing, breathing sweetness in the frosty air,
Little mittened fingers, clutching song sheets, they turn with care.

Pure young voices, in the winter night
Singing of a baby who will give the world light.

Christmas trees bedecked with gifts
Giving and receiving, our spirits to lift.

The aroma of the turkey, resting in the oven,
To be placed on the table, with colourful crackers and trimmings.

The bells forever ringing, love all, they are singing
Christmas, is here, and a bright new year, beginning.

The smiles of memories of happy times
The warmth of hope for the new year that shines.

The open fire with its spirited flames
Keeping us cosy and inspiring our dreams.

The unexpected card or call
That gift it seems, the best of all.

The warmth of the season is all around
Mankind love, has sought and found.