March 19, 2019
Gunpowder Plot November 1605.
March 19, 2019

Before Man

Holly’s bark alerted the boys who were waiting at the front door impatient to be off.
“Gramps is here” cried the boys together, who were on
their summer holidays.
Mrs Peters was expecting the visitors, she released the door catch to find Innis the boys’s friend, and Mrs Peters’s grandfather on the front doorstep.
Innis was beaming with excitement ” let’s go are you both
ready?” she asked, looking at the boys.
“Have fun and be careful,” Their mother said as she kissed them all goodby, at the front gate.

The shinny red magic mini was throbbing at the curb side willing the children to begin the adventure.
Looking on wistfully, was Marmalade the next door neighbours friendly ginger cat belonging to Innis, who would be staying at home.
“Where are we going today? ” cried Hector excitedly.
“Why don’t we leave it to Holly?” said Gramps their grandfather.
“How? asked Felix as they all clambered into the car.
“Put her paw onto the gold button sat histo panel on the
dash board.” Said their grandfather.
Holly the Scottie obliged immediately.
The familiar swishing noise could be heard as they all
chanted og og inim og. And away they went, down down
through the mists of time; the whizzing noise was loud, the mini shook alarmingly and all the colours of the rainbow came and went at great speed; but for a very long time. Holly’s paw remained on the gold button, for too long; where would they find themselves this time? The adventure had begun.

The mini came to a shuddering halt.
All was quiet. The histo panel was blank.
“Where are we ?” Asked the children.
“I don’t know, we could be anywhere even the North or South Pole, as once the whole earth was covered in vegetation and forrests.
“We must have landed in a place before time.”
exclaimed their great grandfather happily.”we may see some really big pre-historic creatures. “You mean like those in Jurassic Park?” asked Hector
Before anyone could speak, there was a loud bellow and
a sinister dark shadow enveloped them shutting out light and warmth.
As suddenly as it came upon them, it lifted.
The old man opened the door and leaped out “stay where
you are” he ordered.
(As we know, this car is a Mini but it is magical, when the family is inside it grows to the size needed at the time.
It contains essential items)
Hector opened the wicker hamper to see if costumes of the time were inside, of course the basket was empty; as the time they are in, is before man was known on the earth over two hundred million years ago.
“All clear you can come out now, that was just a rather large Tyrannosaurus Rex we could be in Western North America Tyrannosaurus lived there, as fossils have been found in that region. Tyrannosaurus, Greek for tyrant lizard king, hunting for its next meal; we were mistaken for its meaty breakfast.
We can climb that hill over there and see Pterosaurs flying around, flying lizards; look out for other Dinosaurs.”
“What does Dinosaur mean ” asked Innis.
“Fearful lizard” replied Gramps.
It didn’t take the three children Gramps and Holly long to climb the dry earth hill and what a magnificent sight before them; countless flying creatures, some were strutting on land ungainly, rather like hobbling broken umbrellas, but in the air magnificent.
“What are those huge animals, they are enormous, bigger than anything?” asked Hector. Before anyone could answer disaster struck. They heard Holly growl then saw her being swept up, from where she had been lying, now looking as though impaled by the monsters jagged teeth inside its enormous mouth.
“0h no we must save Holly from the Pterodactyl it’s going to eat her what can we do?” cried the children looking frantically at their great grandfather.
At that moment they saw Holly being flung out away from the creature who was not keen of the feel of Holly’s thick black coat in its mouth.
“Are you OK ? ” ask the concerned children.
Holly’s happy bark gave re-assurance all was well.
“Which country are we in?” asked Hector.
“Do you know, I have no idea, these creatures roam everywhere on earth, the Earth being much warmer now;
strange to think that the North and South Pole have no ice cap, now both caps are jungle, covered in dense trees.
Innis had run on ahead wanting to get a closer look at the walking ungainly creatures,
“Look she cried a heap of footballs.”
Sure enough in a dug out hole were several large balls.
“They are eggs, very tough. Some creatures lay their eggs neatly in rows others don’t , some look like footballs others
like potatoes.”
Innis tried to pick one up, she couldn’t it was too heavy.
“Come on we are in a dangerous place we don’t want to get eaten, I promised your mother to keep you safe lets get
back to the car.” said Gramps.
It was too late, for heading straight for them was a herd of triceratops,
“Stand aside let them pass these huge scary creatures are plant eaters and not interested in us.” Informed the wise old man. “Look at their three horns, large head and huge body, their large stomach size needed for digesting huge amounts of vegetation.”
“Hope you right about not hurting us.” said Innis who was terrified of these huge animals who were getting closer and closer, by the minute.
The children noticed their leathery skin and huge bodies.
“Because of climate change all these wonderful animals will become extinct, we shall only see them in museums, at least, what’s left of them.”
“I’m going to investigate.” said Hector staring at a pile of enormous rocks.
The others followed him.
The rocks had formed into a modest space.
“ later people will live in these caves, and we will see simple art, replicated all over the world, murmered Gramps
“I want to leave art for others.” stated Hector.
“You can.” said the old man.
“Let’s mix some water with some charcoal, from wood I burned earlier and you can stencil around your hand, by spitting it out, will take about thirty to forty five minutes.
“You are doing what prehistoric man will do for art.”
Hector crunched on the charcoal; they all laughed at Hector’s black face, but it worked. “Hector’s hand will remain on that rock for thousands and thousands of years.” stated their great grandfather.
All over the world there are prehistoric stencils, like this.
We must go now.”
Once back over the hill they saw the mini, a few more steps and they were inside, safe and sound,”go go mini go” they all chanted, and forward through the mists of time they traveled, home in time for lunch.

Mini Memos
Nerdy Notes

There is still a debate as to whether Brontosaurus ever existed. However the latest thinking is it did.
Huge vegetarian creature, with a small head very long neck and big body.
Brontosaurus means, thunder lizard.
These animals, with us today, survived climate change, which dinosaurs could not.
Duck billed platypus
Horse shoe Crab
Sea star