The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Pulling at His Lip
March 18, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Go up To Bed
March 18, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Running

From a very early age, The Boy began to run,

He competed in every marathon, under the sun.

One day, he said to his father,he wanted to run,

Further than anyone, had ever done.

His aim to circumnavigate the world;

Visiting all the places of which, he’d heard.

Then he felt a strange sensation in his feet,

Fine wings had grown, like sailing sheets.

Anxious to be off, leaving his evening meal;

With the help of his new wings, on each heel;

He launched himself across The Channel.

Finding himself, over the Seine, on the bridges of Paris.

Then, climbing the elegant Eiffel Tower;

Running East, his flying feet, touched Soviet Square, Moscow.

Many people were draped in fur

Cold, was the climate in Russia there.

To find the sun, he ran south, to Australia;

Seeing Sydney’s Opera House, in their summer;

Then flying with the birds to New Zealand,

And perching with them on Sky Tower,

“Let’s fly to America now.”

Suggested a little bird on his left.

“At the top of The Empire State Building, we could build a nest.”

They flew across The Pacific; America bound,

The Empire State Building they soon found.

They bade each other goodbye;

Then, The Boy crossed the Atlantic and Irish Sea

London, home, just in time for tea.