The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Eating Chocolate
March 18, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Swimming
March 18, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Raiding The Fridge

He was told by his parents a million times,

That he must stop taking everything from bread to limes,

Nothing was safe from his hungry eyes,

His arms and hands would reach inside.

One day, he spied on the topmost shelf,

‘Jelly, lovely’ he said to himself.

A chair he thought, would help, reach his prize

But disaster struck, he got a big surprise.

He lost his balance, but held onto the fridge,

Which fell on top of him, he was trapped inside!

He shouted ‘help’ at first, then cried.

Would they hear him, and help him, from outside?

He lay plastered with food, from head to foot,

With the jelly, covering his pink barefoot.

Pastry, pasta, pears, and eggs,

Rested on his face, body, arms, and legs.

His parents returned fairly soon;

Seeing the mess in the Kitchen, his mother swooned;

Then wondered if the robbers were still around.

She rang the police, to report what they’d found.

Their whimpering pet dog, they now heeded,

Only he heard, The Boy, help was needed.

The fridge was lifted back, into its rightful place,

They hardly recognised their boy’s face.

Now, The Boy when alone, leaves the fridge alone.

He waits for the shopping, to come home.