The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Playing With The Umbrella

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March 18, 2019
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March 18, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Playing With The Umbrella

Despite his mother’s instruction to desist

The Boy, with the umbrella to play, he’d insist.

One day, in the car, when the roof was back,

The umbrella he opened, did he get some flack!

Then a sudden gust of wind he felt

Lifting him up, and out of his seat belt.

At first he thought it, very funny;

As the car beneath him, grew more tiny.

The Boy’s mother, was most alarmed that day

To see her son, by a breeze being blown away;

Now just a speck in the clear blue sky,

Heartbroken, she began to cry.

On her mobile and on line,

His mother alerted the services, calling nine nine nine;

Meanwhile her boy, flew across the sea,

Over mountains and hills and sprawling cities,

So many new things did he see.

Yet, afraid and alone, he didn’t enjoy his trip very much,

As he longed for his mother’s comfortingly touch.

Suddenly the wind blew, in the other direction,

And the strong breeze eased, to his satisfaction.

He was traveling back, from where he had started,

Surprisingly below him, was the family vehicle;

He was slowly and surely drifting down;

Then sinking into the car, parked, on the edge of town.