The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Spinning
March 18, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Share
March 18, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Digging

By the light of the rising sun and fading moon, he dug till noon.

After a short break to rest, and to change his vest,

He dug through the scorching heat, all afternoon.

Then, vigorously shaking earth from his clothes,

He washed his face, with water, from a hose.

Then, feeling hungry, and needing a bite,

Ran into the kitchen for a snack, which was light.

Out into the garden, yet again with his spade,

Smiling, at the progress he’d made.

The hole was dark, and so very deep,

Tonight, he would celebrate with a long deep sleep.

“Why are you digging?”Asked Mr Brown over the wall.

“Going to Australia, down under, I’ll have a ball.”

“Take your whole life, to get there my boy.”

Replied Mr Brown, with a frown.

Undismayed The Boy dug on;

Disappearing and then was gone.

As suddenly as he went, he came again into view,

Together with a very happy kangaroo.

The Boy held, his new friend’s dirty paw;

Who had dug for ages, through the Earth’s core,

Wanting to visit England’s shore.

Both their tunnels, had met in the middle,

For joy, they danced, to Mr Brown’s fiddle.