The Boy Who Wouldn’t Change His Clothes
March 18, 2019
The Boy Who Wouldn’t Clean His Teeth
March 18, 2019

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Go Up

The Boy was afraid of climbing hills,

His searing scream, nearing one, was shrill

His mother avoided lifts, slopes and banks;

Was rewarded from him, with a kiss of thanks.

This phobia, of going up, was dreadful indeed,

He said, ascending; he’d rather, to death bleed.

When challenged with steps in front,

He was totally unable, to confront.

One day he heard a pitiful cry.

Caught up in a tree was his cat, Tim.

Determined to save Tim, he put away his fears

Climbed the tall tree, without tears.

The Boy, now enjoys so many new things;

Activities, that great happiness brings,

Climbing, flying high, which he loves,

Seeing magical views, from above.