Hidden Truth
November 2, 2014
The Porcelain Poppies.
December 1, 2014

Child Sexual Abuse

With sickness in my heart I read with horror
The violation of children, left feeling bereft of their honour,
Used as an object, not as a person.
After, feeling unworthy of love and affection;
Dirty, empty, stripped of their childhood.
The police and social workers reaffirmed these dark feelings.
With inaction that was their reaction.
Chose to believe the child lied, despite evidence to help guide.
Political correctness that was the song of the time:
Imperative to understand men,from other climes.
So many children scarred for ever;
As duties of care by police and social workers had been abandoned.
Ignorance, due to lack of human empathy and training;
All resigning? What a positive power, released for healing.