The Composer. [For Henry]
August 23, 2014
August 23, 2014


Kristen, with her warm Aussie smile
For all her clients will go that extra mile.
Queen of Pilates, she works us all hard
I think dreaming of turning us into ballet stars.
Yet we all come in different shapes and sizes,
Young and old, infirm and athletic,
Some come with joints very arthritic;
Giving hope and help to the stiff geriatric.
Others arrive with spines which are curved;
Some hunched or lopsided she observed.
With kindness and encouragement as well as fun,
Changes are apparent, that stun!
Pregnant ladies also walk through her door,
Some women attend to attract men more;
Enhancing their stamina, exercising their core,
As night falls happiness, during nocturnal activities, is sure.