Felix at twenty five months
June 10, 2014
Syrian Election
June 14, 2014

Let go

Don’t swivel around and stare, giving me your full attention,
People will think from your face, we have more than affection;
To be together forever was not our intention.
Don’t clasp me so close , shutting your eyes with intensity,
Whispering the words of the dance to me passionately.
Don’t tempt me again, on an intriguing date,
For a dark tomorrow will be our future fate.
Remember with nostalgia our amazing days,
They remain safe in yesterday’s haze.
We had a sweetness that we understood
But this closeness through time, would not have stood.
When alone, when the sun sinks low
And the saxophone plays and brandy flows,
Think of old times long ago with love, and let it go.