October 31, 2013
The Guest
October 31, 2013

Karen and Richard

Expectantly we waited at the entrance of the church
Excited and happy for bride and groom both.
For at last the day had finally arrived
As Richard and Karen would now pledge their troth.
Everybody was dressed in their best
Smiling and chattering, in the sun, we were blessed.
No rain or cold clouded the day
It was late October, but like spring in May.
Richard, so excited and elated welcomed the throng,
So young and handsome, the betrothal , the best thing he had done.
We took our places in the simple Maronite Church,
Where elegant white orchids flanked our path to our place.
Music played, and there she was, more elegant than the orchids
More beautiful than any bloom; Frozen in love and wonder was the face of
her groom.
Later, with silver crowns on their heads and rings that had been blessed
Marriage vows had been witnessed and songs had been sung,
Karen and Richard’s married life had begun.
The wedding breakfast was superb
The glowing bride in her beautiful attire; The groom proud ; a good husband,
he would aspire.
This union, so right, a gift, from somewhere higher.
We were so pleased to have born witness,
On this special day in October.
As pure love and devotion is rarely paraded Yet for us, as for them , it
was honoured and recorded.