The Present
February 6, 2013
The Surgeon
February 6, 2013

The Special Visitor

When he phones to ask if I am free for him to call,
The world seems brighter than before;
I look forward so much to his being around;
My special friend that nobody knows.
He has beautiful, intelligent, smiling eyes,
They are deep dark pools of empathy,
Displaying a special sensitivity,
Profound kindness and cleverness.
He arrives on time as I hoped he would;
Bringing an unexpected gift.
His huge smile gives me an enormous lift;
Happiness and contentment flows through my home.
Three hours are as a moment; we talk, time is
We agree, we question, not a second is wasted.
Such wonderful hours we have spent together;
Then he glances at his watch and has to go,
Leaving me basking in spirits aglow.
Not important when he can phone again,
As I hold him safely in my mind.
How fortunate to have such a friend,
Knowing he cares for me, as I do for him.
Sadly he is not mine but belongs to another;
So we can never be, what we might have been, to one
“Might have been,” may not have lasted,
But strong friendship I know, will be everlasting.