The Moon
February 6, 2013
The New President
February 6, 2013

The New Accountant

Angelos, I’m so sorry, I must leave KPMG,
For Costas came between us,
As I was too small for you.
Savvas, the new accountant, lives and works
close by,
He says, I can ring day or night for him,
And he will always be there, at my side.
Savvas is young bright and good looking,
Could have been a javelin thrower, or a rower,
I’m sure he leapt from this year’s calendar.
I hope you will understand my reasons for going.
I do not want to leave you,
I never thought I would,
But Savvas has the time for me,
And this for me is good.
Thank you for your friendship,
And all your wise advice,
May I send sincere good wishes,
To you, and your lovely wife.