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February 6, 2013
The Rose
February 6, 2013

Modern British Foreign Diplomats

(The rebuttal; Cyprus, from October 6th— 30th
December 2008)
These days, men in high foreign diplomatic
It seems in their lofty ivory towers of distinction,
Are curiously seen shedding their ties and titles.
Using mostly first names now, to everyone in
their sphere,
Could be, they want to be seen, as more
amenable, more approachable
All I asked for on the phone, was five minutes
with the Commissioner,
To explain the launch of my book of poetry, for
him to listen
That all proceeds go, to the Theotokos
A Cypriot children’s charity.
I heard nothing for days, so I phoned on Friday,
and was told,
The subject would be discussed, without me, on
As they had no information, for discussion that
I said I would travel their way
Hand them the papers, wait for an answer and
The printer was pressing. A deadline for printing
the invitation
Was the next day, so I had to stay, as I wanted to
The launch would be attended by The British
High Commissioner
Encouraged by their website, I expected the
British brigade
Would respond decently, in the manner they
So on Monday morning, at eight thirty,
I handed the Commissioners’ PA,
The rough book and papers, necessary.
And at ten past three, the Director gave me,
around three minutes of his valuable time.
Despite early information striven to be given,
No answer he said could yet be given,
For his PA now was away,
And to my dismay, the book with him had to stay.
He promised the book be returned, I thought the
next day.
But he couldn’t tell me his movements,
For our charity children’s fundraising day.
The decision would be made, he said, the next
He assured me’ If I can’t come, a letter will be
Can be read out, at the event.’
I was told, on the phone by his unfortunate
The excuse for the decline, irritated me
‘No one can come everyone is busy at that time’
For the 1st of December, between six and nine!
‘But a letter will be sent, can be read out
But the letter never came, nothing read or ever
The promise of the return of my book; still I wait.
But was it due, to the letter of complaint I sent
To The Foreign Under Secretary of State?
I received a courteous reply, from the Minister.
A second letter was dispatched in December,
To The Foreign Office, in Westminster
Making clear a reply to the letter was
Enclosing a copy letter to the Commission, as I
was requiring
The promised return of my rough book of poetry.
Enclosing the write- up in The Cyprus Weekly.
I mentioned, the school that week, by the
American Ambassador was seen.
And that the First Lady of Cyprus, had been
presented, with the final volume, from me.
Where are the dignified diplomats of yore?
Where is their kindness and consideration;
appears to be no more.
Who with dignity and integrity represented the
Explained with diplomacy, if a request failed; at
the first mention.
Did all they could, to help my husband and I try,
to do some good.
Against their principles, to fob off anyone from
where they stood.
It cannot be now, British foreign policy;
These days of informality and transparency, to
treat people so shabbily.
Giving lame excuses, for doing nothing.
Leaving us feeling disappointed disgusted
ashamed and angry.
It cannot also be now, British foreign policy of
To keep diplomats away from the public.
If they are seen to care and mix more with free
Cypriot citizens,
Critical accusations of partisan politics will
NB A letter and the return of the book arrived on
the 30th December; not the promised letter, to be
read out, but a repeat of the offer made in
October, This letter was dated 16th December,
over two weeks after the event. I assure you dear
reader, the Director had been told the date both
verbally and in writing as described and the
formal invitation had been sent to the
Commission weeks prior to the event.