Sinister Shadows
February 5, 2013
Stop Fighting
February 5, 2013

Spirit of England

We are invited here to celebrate, the spirit of
Saint George.
We come together to remember our heroes,
writers, inventors, leaders.
We led the world until World War Two, which
drained our financial resources.
Other empires, through global history, have
emerged and then dissolved;
But the spirit of England, through out the world,
strongly lingers on.
Many of us leave our land for ever and some
But in the past, where the English have passed, a
civilizing legacy we left.
Our esteemed, beloved host the Judge, is not of
English blood;
But holds high the banner of St George firmly in
his hand.
The spirit of old England is part of him, of this he
is very proud.
So, let us raise our glass to Ray, our host, who
has adopted England as his own;
And also to sweet, dear Sandy, whose patience
and humor, knows no bounds.