February 5, 2013
Sinister Shadows
February 5, 2013

Security of State

Has security of state sapped our souls,
When once our hearts were true and bold
Our strong British spirit the envy of all,
We were British and free and walked tall.
We once led the world in every field;
Our thirst for adventure and knowledge
Is our fate through Social Security sealed,
Our hopes and ambitions like a tree to be felled?
We are safe but trapped;
Our souls and spirits tame.
Is our future this way mapped?
I do nothing for I too am lame.
From cradle to grave we are constantly cosseted,
Along Ministries pale padded path pushed and
On National Dried nurtured, with propaganda
Till our hopes, our fibre is totally dead.
When will we say enough is enough!
We regret this miserable life we have led,
Give us our freedom; it will appear in a puff,
If we really want this truly enough.