Mother about Daughter
February 5, 2013
February 5, 2013

Our Church of England

Our much loved, cared for chapel, attended by so
many people
Can be viewed on a knoll from the road, door to
And the soldier on his return from the theatre of
Yearns to melt, into his spiritual English safe
haven home;
Under its sweet, familiar, comforting roof, to
weep some more.
The essence of England and the English is
Here in this sound secure place, by God
And the young children in Sunday school, with
their friends,
Will learn of old English values, so crime should
not transcend.
The recent young widow, seeking solace and
Flees to her church, facing her nightmare
Familiarity and continuity of faith -our English
Is vital to life and growth of spiritual love, in our
British Base.
Sadly, the ill informed pen pushing powers that
Want to destroy this recently painted refurbished,
Abandon it, or tear it down, they feel is a cost
cutting procedure, necessary.
Comprehension of this mad idea, is beyond
anyone’s capability
And where will the God fearing congregation go?
To a Roman Catholic Church, where the electric
wiring is thought faulty.
The roof has a hole in it, and no toilet facility;
And no public meeting place for Sunday school
children or mothers.
They say if there is a fire the community can jump
from the windows.
And as for the lack of a loo, one can be placed
behind the high altar.
Never mind the sound of water running or the
That sound can be drowned, by the
congregation’s hymn singing.
I would love to meet these blind, bludgeon
wielding bureaucrats,
It seems they are amazingly ignorant and
In their quest for frugality with no sensitivity;
Believing falsely, they are saving expenditure, do
anything to save a penny, for the MOD’s