February 5, 2013
Elena of The Aegean.
February 5, 2013

Dr Americos

How many are there, who are truly great?
How many in a lifetime do we actually meet?
Shadows of those past and present in our
memory, slip in and out.
Only one or two stand out; sturdy strong like a
mighty galleon;
No savage wave can make it flounder, in full sail,
she surges on;
Sweeping up the drowning, saving them from
life’s dark perils.
Unhindered by evil storms that threaten; a giant,
among lesser mortals.
I have met a great and clever man,
In this ancient land;
A doctor, beloved by generations;
A healer of the body and the broken mind.
He walks abroad among us all;
His arms are open wide,
His smile is as warm as Cyprus sunshine
Sincere as the morning sun.
His commitment to people and love of humanity
sets him apart from others.
His compassionate feeling for people is
profoundly sincerely caring.
His quiet, grave, trusting eyes, display a lifetime
of giving.
When we look at his face, into those gentle blue
We gaze as if into God’s soul; pure goodness.
A kind of loving from them flows, in return, flows
from others.