Baby P
February 5, 2013
Daniel on his Birthday
February 5, 2013

Brushing Shoulders

To be with truly good people, feeling their aura
around them;
Immersing ourselves in their shadows of
Enriches ourselves, for knowing them.
Their example and energy is contagious.
Freeing up and enabling us to aid those less
And then we grow and become happier.
We sympathize and try to help those in mental
Not allowing ourselves to be drawn into their
dark deep pit of ugliness.
To lift crippled people up into the light, I hope is
everyone’s ambition.
But pull away from those who constantly drain
and depress.
Who, despite our kindness, spew bitterness they
cannot suppress.
Pity those who will never know sweet
contentment at its best.
To brush shoulders with those who exude love
and affection
And who are positive, about our amazing
To be with them, who ever they are, is like
dancing in a field full of daisies.