The Bull
February 4, 2013
The Reunion
February 4, 2013

The Takers (Inspired by Richard)

Why do we let the leeches into our lives?
Why do we let them into our minds?
Once in, why do we allow them to remain,
Like grains of evil to be contained?
They are morally barren, their souls arid,
Bankrupt of ethics and high ideals;
Blind to the values we possess,
For sex, and or money, is their only, quest.
Why do we allow ourselves to be seduced,
By suggestions of joy and happiness?
A togetherness that would be special, they say.
What fools we are to be swindled this way.
Flattered, by honeyed words, we are unguarded,
Like so many skittles we stupidly fall,
Fall for a person, with no substance at all,
We are abandoned, pride dented, with no self
assurance at all.
These little men, hunger for control and power,
Like Dracula’s need to degrade and to drink;
Leaving an empty shell in the place of a person.
Remorse and regret for their actions, never.
We swear, we won’t ever again, be this way
By greedy men, armed with their own shabby
They are men of straw. They give to no one at all.
And leave a trail of negativity of those who fall.
They are quickly, on to the next and the next.
Never to ever experience deep devotion.
These con men just like the thrill of the chase.
They will never know the pure pleasure,
To give and receive love and respect,
In their selfish haste, just to take and take.