The Abused Child
February 4, 2013
The Taxi
February 4, 2013

The Old Friend

He told me, he thought me delicious,
My hair the colour of corn,
My smile unbelievably amazing,
He told me he could not take his eyes off me,
His hands were uncontrollable too.
His unwanted embraces were not requested.
What could I do? It was late, in a taxi.
He told me he wanted me forever and a day,
But I know all he wanted, was a roll in the
He was once an old dear friend to us both,
Before my husband tragically died.
Now suddenly changed, into a monster,
With a monstrous sex drive.
Once his friendship was solid and good,
I would love it to be, what it had once been.
I miss his council, his help, and his fun,
But I cannot now phone and so lead him on.