February 4, 2013
Resting Place
February 4, 2013

My Home

My home, with outstretched arms embracing
all who call.
The swallows, every year make their nests
above the lanterns in the cloisters.
They dart and swoop between the arches,
chattering and chirping all the while.
The chicks, cosy safe in their nests, bright
yellow beaks open wide
For morsels of food their parents busily bring
them; soon to grow and fly away.
The cats prowl around watchfully waiting,
pouncing on beetle or lizard.
Now, they stretch languidly in the sunshine,
washing paws and faces,
The gentle breeze brushes the shrubs and
And their leaves flutter and dance
The water from the fountain plays on the
stones and pebbles.
The clock in the hall chimes the hour;
And across the valley a cock crows, a dog
And the priest chants his prayers on holy
Listen to the music of Akrounta it is all