January 30, 2013
February 4, 2013


Lawrence is tall, with a hesitant gait,
Younger than a child in a man’s form.
His innocence and trust in others absolute,
He is, as we once were, before tainted by
life’s experience.
It is an honour for us to know Lawrence.
To see his joy and pleasure in simple things,
His innocence, his sense of fun, repetitive but
so appreciative.
His smile and laugh unforgettable.
He has a profound wonderment of life,
He senses, sees and feels things, denied to us.
Lawrence is what we should aspire to.
Without suspicion, guile, guilt or greed,
His appreciation of others fathomless.
He is vulnerable to life’s cruel stings,
But has a throng of teachers, family and
To protect and help him, along his path,
They themselves flower and are beacons to
Their insight develops others to inwardly
Helping this child, who it seems, only his
outside, is deemed to grow.