February 4, 2013
The Abused Child
February 4, 2013


Scorn and ridicule our diet of everyday.
Shouting and bellowing, feeding our fears for
Unsure, insecure, unloved and unsafe, that’s
how we lived every day.
We four survived, but did we forever and
And are we whole and rounded?
When brought up on that foul feast,
That diet from the devil
That diet from the depths of Hell.
The daily drip, drip feed of the Devil’s dark
As the years went by,
Corroded and caked natural emotions;
A contemptible loathing for him still remains.
Each scornful insult, I swore to remember,
Each one a nail in the coffin confirming
Each one intolerable, objectionable and
Each one remembered today.
And are we scarred forever?
And will we do the same?
For children deserve so much better.
I pray for all children in God’s name.