For Bob
February 4, 2013
Limited Time
February 4, 2013


Beno came first, young almost tame.
Then another one came, almost the same.
Then Beno came with his brother.
Then his mother came with her other.
“Enough is enough,” I said as I shooed
others away;
Young male cats who wanted a lot of sex that
“To the vet we must go, as soon as we are
He will have you all on his operating table.”
So a cat trap was hired, to lure them inside,
But the cats were too canny and would not
be enticed.
Sardines and a shove, eventually got them
The relief was immense, as I left them
Cyprus cats are all around, black, white,
orange and grey.
Most are stray; snakes and vermin are their
They don’t need much affection,
All they seem to need is food.
I look after them and they protect me.