Tonight (Song)
January 20, 2013
January 20, 2013

True Love

True love is the warmth of the sun through the window panes;
Curtains and clouds cannot obscure the brilliance it maintains.
Death or darkness can’t kill it, only it unto itself can perish.
True love is the spirit of the swift running river.
We may change direction, but true love will not stir.
If poisoned or silted up, love’s promise of purity remains the same.
True love is a protective mantle of memories.
It has an aura only some are seen to possess,
Giving so much to those who appear to be less.
True love is resolute, asking for nothing, giving everything.
It is the sure earth under our feet, the sweet air we draw in.
True love is in tender laughter and fun, vanquishing evil; true love is king.