The Therapist
January 20, 2013
Tonight (Song)
January 20, 2013

The Togo Team

In January 2010 the Togolese sportsmen
Were travelling in their bus through troubled Angola
To play a game of football against Ghana.
But their bus was targeted by ruthless rebels from Cabinda
Who sprayed the bus with their lethal bullets for political propaganda;
Murdering and maiming these innocent men to fulfil their ghastly agenda.
The team’s happy high spirits in a second were reduced to numb fear, despair and horror.
Their deep distress on our television sets we saw;
This unprovoked savage senseless attack with pure evil at the fore.
The team was not permitted to participate in this important African tournament.
They were recalled home, for Togo’s lost youth the country would deeply mourn.
Mankind mourns not just for victims but for all, for we too can be evil drawn.