The Last Embrace
January 20, 2013
The Morning After
January 20, 2013

The Letter

Should your wrong accusations have been written on parchment pure,
The edges would have curled brown and flames destroyed
All evidence of anger and hurt; let sweet reason be the cure.
Just think, why you believe I did those things you suggest;
Never the like before, has there ever been any evidence at all.
But you didn’t and still don’t speak, just ignored all my calls.
What pleasure did you derive from this shabby action personified?
You both should feel a little shoddy
At your own actions which from you are unworthy.
My preoccupation possibly ignited your feelings of neglect,
 I apologize, pity; the word” understand” you didn’t elect.
As for the rest you are just plain wrong; shame at the time you didn’t check and then reflect.