January 20, 2013
The Cat with No Tail
January 20, 2013

The Bad Debt

After two and a half months the debt had still not been paid
Despite many phone calls between both PAs.
Dave and I found ourselves at his suggestion
in the debtor’s office for a discussion.
We were on time, he made us wait;
We felt like two surfs from his vast estate.
He descended at last, from another office above,
Then answered my questions about his sporting event.
‘’You must spend a great deal of time away from your desk,
Does your business suffer?”  He could see I didn’t jest,
“Are you now’ I asked innocently,’ financially stretched?”
He turned on me like a viper from its nest
In a high pitched voice screeched “No, I am very rich!
I have been insulted, this meeting is now ended.
I do not want help from you for my sport event;
The bill will be paid when your Tina is sent.”
Without further ado he sped up his wooden stairs.
I wanted to wait for the cheque to appear
But Dave said no. ” No point now, we should go”
 So we left laughing, looking forward to lunch and a large glass of vino.