She Has Gone
January 20, 2013
At the Charity Bazaar
January 20, 2013

Scales of Justice

The scales of justice don’t balance as they should
They are rusty and tarnished not sparkling as they could.
Justice  squeaks and creaks  it hinges  on strife;
The process is greedy eating years from a life.
For the children and poor  hardly any legal aid anymore.
The rich and wealthy  have little problem at all.
Barristers and lawyers shake their heads in dismay
Politicians and ministers  from  the. truth turn away.
The  scales should  balance with sweet compassion.
Wipe away  the mud of disgraceful  violation
Melt the ice of official  indifference;
And re-think  The  Crown Prosecution  Service.
Justice for the young  should  begins before birth,
This idea to  leaders is often met with mirth.
Clean up  greed and. corruption so truth can shine through;
Then Themis and Dike her daughter, will return and smile too.