The Bride to Be
January 20, 2013
Mother of the Bride
January 20, 2013

Peter Rafferty

Peter, the last born of the Rafferty clan
Beloved by parents and siblings, has grown into an exceptional man.
As a child a little chubby, endearingly called by his chums, Peter, Raffaterly.
Today, lean and athletic, loving and energetic, ambitious; a leader emphatically.
A believer of God, is Peter Rafferty, highly principled, his life led ethically.
His steps are swift and sure upon the stair,
Only hesitates at his mirror to stare
Into his reflection, to smooth down his black hair.
He is concerned with imperfections
Which of course are not there.
A Liverpool supporter through good times and bad,
When they lose he gets more than a little sad.
He exudes goodwill to those around,
His kindness and appreciation know no bounds.
His smile is spontaneous and seems always there.
He is uncomplicated, good hearted, never unfair.
Peter is fun to be around,
Always the same happy person we have found.
We remember his wide open smile, he is never shy.
And unforgettable, that mischievous twinkle in his eye.