January 20, 2013
If I Died
January 20, 2013

Haiti Earthquake 2010

The chaotic poverty stricken turbulent isle of Haiti
Has been hit by an earthquake of huge enormity.
The earthquake had no regard to the harm inflicted on humanity;
Bringing down the capital’s constructions, other buildings left crumbling.
Shocked people in the streets, some crying some stumbling
On their homes or businesses, now in bits.
Port-au Prince in ruins, reminiscent of London’s blitz.
Hospitals, schools, and other buildings
Indiscriminately destroyed with people inside.
The flimsy shanty towns of the poor,
On the outskirts of town,
Suffered the after shock.  Like castles of cards
They tumbled down.
Fate determined who would die and who would survive.
Plates north and south moving west
Have collided under the earth’s crust
Causing a catastrophic disaster,
A mortal wound to the nation’s chest.
The world pulled together, united and acted.
Supplies to the centre after delays are rushed.
But thousands under the piled up rubbish are perishing.
Dead decomposing bodies in the dust, the odious odour overwhelming.
The seriously injured lying alongside those who are dead and dying.
The plight of no fresh water to drink, we see the situation deteriorating.
Tens of thousands of decomposing bodies are mounting in the streets,
Already too many people, through disease death meet.
After two weeks a girl is surprisingly dug out alive;
Her spirit for survival was not to be crushed.
Strange, the diversity in adversity of man to man’s behaviour;
Some risking their lives, digging with bare hands, under shuddering ceilings,
Rescuing people and babies, they are the saviours.
Others loot and shoot for his neighbour’s goods with no fears or tears;
The best and the worst are in evidence, they are bed fellows here.