The Wedding Vow
January 18, 2013
She Has Gone
January 20, 2013

The Magic of Cyprus

Cyprus nestles snugly in the corner of the Mediterranean Sea,
Is half the size of Wales and under a million souls dwells here with me.
The gentle breeze from her majestic mountains
Brushes the tops of the trees and grasses.
This once war torn, fertile land has healing powers;
We find succulent fruits and vegetables and honey from flowers
Blessed by the rays of the ever present sunshine.
Throughout the year crops are gathered by priests and farmers;
Abundant food found overflowing with amazing flavours
Bursting with powerful health fortifying nutrients.
Sample her fish and soft as butter meats on the platters.
Quaff her fine wines, made for centuries in the villages by the self same families.
Ancient crafts, pottery, silver and lace are on display.
Skills handed down through the centuries with pride, they say.
And foreign geologists come to gaze on the unique strata here, and stay.
See Cyprus’s historic hand painted churches and ancient ruins.
Talk to these unique people, conversing with them you will find no dangers,
They always make time for strangers.
Home for the weary worrier returning from the theatre of war,
Horror in his mind, with sombre lines etched on his face.
Finds peace and spiritual solace within our sovereign base.
The fatigued young executive has just arrived
Dispirited by his companies senseless ceaseless demands, wanting to hide.
Longing to merge with the waves and with relief to sigh.
The young woman arrives with her aspirations so alive,
Escaped from her humdrum life was enslaved,
But will depart this ancient isle empowered, unafraid, forever changed.
Visitors departing, bid Cyprus a fond farewell, fortified;
Promising to return, as I believe here they dream to abide
Where life is tranquil, peaceful and kind.