No problem Said The Cypriot
December 3, 2012
I pray for our planet to be peopled, by purple people.
December 9, 2012

The Babies

“Its mine its mine” screams the child to another.
“No it’s mine all mine”screams the other.
“This country is mine all mine” screams the idiot child.
“If you don’t do what I say, you will all be exiled”.
“But its ours all ours, not yours, at all.”
The child throws a toy, it falls.
The man a grenade, it explodes.
The toy is destroyed.
The child is distraught.
“Mummy, he started the fight first.
“No Mummy not me, my balloon he burst.”
“Secretary General, the bomb was dropped by them first.”
“No we were forced to fight, they are cursed.”
The Secretary General shook his head,
“I must try to get these two into bed”
Bush refuses to shake Arafat’s hand.
“I’m not sleeping with him” the boy makes a stand.
The neighbour hears the hullabaloo;
Barges through the door without more ado.
“I know a lot about babies I will tell you what to do.”
America and Turkey are now in the ring;
But is it to take for themselves, or help, bring?
Syria and Egypt are in total disarray.
The United Nations strive for a peace plan in May.
“Please listen to us and consider what we say”
“You know nothing”said the mother, “go away”.
“We will take the children’s toys away.”
Others break through the door;
What are they all here for?
This whole issue is now out of hand.
All people need is their own piece of land.