November 22, 2012
President Morsi
November 28, 2012


God said thou shall not kill
Who are we to break His will
Who are we to take mans dignity
Forcing him to live in penury?
Gaza, a prison for a million point seven souls
Coming and going like moles through holes.
How apt is The ballad of Reading Jail:
‘Evil like prison weeds grow well in prison air,
It is only what is good in man that wilts and withers here.’
So many generations of people, brought for so long, so low,
Little wonder, fury and resentment grow.
Deadly missiles are hurled from both sides of the border.
Carnage, which could have been avoided, had there been order,
Is visited in spades, on both sides of the border.
Each one claiming success in this deadly embrace.
If only , they would have a radical change of face.