How Sweet is Today
July 28, 2012
August 4, 2012


I’m so happy , I’m seeing you tonight
Can’t believe our evening ‘s in sight
Suddenly, our day is here
I ‘ve waited so long, for today to be here.
Village church bells are ringing
Ringing for you , they are singing.
The hazy face of the moon is glowing
Is he for us coyly smiling?
The sun never shines when you ‘re away
And birds are silent every day.
The world is dull and gray
Empty , when you are away
Everything I do, when you are away
Are presents saved, for you today
I just long, to hold you close to me
Melting, relaxing, being part of you.
I sense the texture of your clothes
I feel the soft cloth of your robe.
There is an ache, in my heart
Every day when we’re apart.
Let no one ring, let no one call
Just you and me together, as night falls.
The day is fading, you will soon be here
Is that your car in the lane I hear?
I run to the door, I’m ensnared in your arms
Let this moment last forever, in my memory.