The Man in Downing Street. Dominic Cummings
The Man in Downing Street. Dominic Cummings
June 5, 2020
Trump Holding Bible
The Holy Book
June 24, 2020

The Protest

The Protest

The Protest

A white policeman knelt, on a black man’s neck,
Causing him to painfully, slowly, expire.
The sight, ignited a furnace of fury, so fierce,
Exposing decades, of vile xenophobic bile.

Black people know, the establishment is prejudice.
Majority of the minority, existing in poverty,
Helped by drugs, alcohol, and a clenched fist.
Success for them is too often missed.

Today we see, white and black people, protesting together,
Marching, for human rights, as sisters and brothers,
Equal justice, free health, and good education for all,
The American Founders, this was their call.

The great General Grant, failed in his quest,
To make American justice, for all, the best.
In 1866 blacks legally had a vote,
But the year before that, the kkk was born.

Yesterday, a tsunami, of chaos, spilt over,
Forty million people, were out of order.
The curfew ignored, a killing virus was abroad.
From east to west, ferocious flames grew high
Violence, by an infiltrating few, looting, for a time thrived.

The church, and famous voices, gave weight.
Soldiers and police in solidarity knelt.
Mr Trump again, exposed with no clothes.
Promised to set savage dogs, on the throng
Striving for equality, how is this wrong?

A lesson has been learned by all today. ( except maybe D T )
A fairer time, is here to stay.
The world won’t tolerate, injustice anymore,
For countless children, a happier life, is now at their door.