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January 20, 2013
January 20, 2013

Music of you

Springing, singing from deep within my soul
A surge of infinite happiness
Radiates through every nerve I possess;   
Profound affection for all I feel, no less.
What music I hear of you?
An exquisite harmony, a complex cacophony;
Intrinsic medley of woven notes
Interacting, complimenting, cascading.
Your kindness is of the delicate harp
Like waves of the sea unceasing.
Your wit as the zither, crisp and sharp
And your integrity as strong as the simple silver triangle.
No conductor can play your music,
You are your own philharmonic band.
No organised sheets of music, alone you stand.
We heard your songs a million years ago;
Your music reverberates in my mind.
 For the future, only in sweet memory;
 As your harmony, remains part of me.