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Lady Elizabeth Haslam, my appreciation of life.

Why I write poetry? When first asked why I write poetry, I wasn’t sure how to respond, but it soon became clear to me. In one word: passion. Anything that grips me and I feel strongly about.



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About Lady Elizabeth Haslam

Elizabeth Haslam has spent much of her life in the caring industries.

A State Registered Nurse, having worked also in industry.

Elizabeth founded The Michael Sieff Foundation a child protection charity in 1987 following the death of her husband Michael Sieff a profound believer in ethics and the intrinsic strength of the human spirit, his love of people and children knew no bounds.

After the death of her second husband Elizabeth decided to be based in Cyprus.

The Boy Who Wouldn’t was born in 2017, when it seemed there was much to be depressed about; predominantly wars and the plight of displaced people.

To cheer herself up The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stop Smiling was written.

Then just observing her grandsons and their friends were and remain a constant sauce of joy and inspiration.

Whilst in Cyprus, to her surprise and enormous pleasure she formulated and co-presented live, a current affairs programme.

Now she continues writing for children, more adventures of The Boy Who Wouldn’t and adventures of The Magic Mini and The Elf Tree which she hopes to publish in the near future.

The Boy Who Wouldn't


Latest Poetry

July 23, 2020


Hundreds of happy hopefuls, arrived in song,Returning to the mother country, where they belonged.Expecting the English welcome, would be strong. Invited to integrate, into this white […]
July 23, 2020

The Terrible Twins

The terrible twins have appalling policies.Never before, in The West, has there been so much disunity.So many citizens now suffering, from severe anxiety.Not due to war, […]
July 23, 2020

Downing Street

Pressure from backbenchers is responsible for change,Feeding disadvantaged children in the holidays, it seems the first stage.Huawei it seems to be dropped, perhaps other things now […]
July 23, 2020

Bojo and Trump

The terrible twins persist in destroying,EU trades built up over decades, now gone, or are in jeopardy.Trump brags he’s taken apart Obama’s accomplishments.Such as a health […]
June 28, 2020

Motley Crew

With ineptitude, they delay decisions, using honeyed words.Historic problems in the undergrowth, turning into devil turds.Restitution for Windrush and Grenfell, little has accured. Delayed decisions, on […]
June 28, 2020
Donald Trump and Boris Johnson

The Terrible Twins

They are not men of integrityDevoid of common sense and honesty.They were given the trust of their countryThe responsibility, seems not taken seriously. Both nations ravished, […]

Other Stories

July 2, 2015


This sharp savage pain in my heart So strong, could suck the very sea from the shore Leaving the earth desolate and poor, Nothing growing there […]
July 3, 2014

Refugees Hunger Strike in Cyprus

They have nothing to lose but their bodies now. Homes, aspirations gone, as their land they were forced to flee. Some escaped with their children and […]
December 10, 2012

Wrong People

Ministers why are you still leading your nation? The poor in the land are no higher in their station. The children are not, getting a better […]
April 10, 2019


The fear inside you, is so absurd. In a coy young virgin your words, from her, you may have heard. Seems you are frightened like a […]
January 16, 2013


The teacher is speaking gobbledegook, I am not following anything at all. My brain I feel, has been mauled. Her stern eyes smoulder into mine, Embarrassed […]
January 18, 2013

The Wedding Vow

She was a young gazelle a wife to be; Her homeland a distant country far across the seas. Her countenance serious yet strong, skin dark as […]